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A web gallery is a website, or part of a website, that presents a gallery of images, such as drawings, paintings, rendered art or photographs. These are also called web album or simply album for short, typically when there are several such albums to distinguish, e.g. albums by different artists or of different subject matters. Such a gallery or album can display the work of a single artist or of a number of artists whose work is related by genre, style, media, or subject matter.

Frequently an array of small versions of the images, known as thumbnails, are displayed. Larger versions of those images are often available by clicking on the thumbnails. This approach saves downloading time — thumbnail images are small and therefore good for a quick preview; a visitor to a thumbnailed web gallery doesn't need to download large versions of the image files until he or she explicitly requests them.

Albums are a part of most web forums and web groups. Access to them can be restricted to members.

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