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Illustration by P. Fusty.
A spreadeagle position is also possible on a normal bench or bondage table. Artwork by Euticus.

A spreadeagle table (for lack of another name, a proper term is not yet known) is an item of BDSM/spanking furniture on which the bottom is laid horizontally in a spreadeagle position. The position itself is similar to staked out.

Usually such a table has a central surface from which four beams or boards extend, on which the bottom's arms and legs are placed and restrained (e.g. with straps, cuffs or rope). A spreadeagle table can look similar to a horizontal version of a St. Andrews Cross, but the central part is usually wider and straight to support the subject's torso and head. Also, spreadeagle tables are usually padded to be more comfortable to lie on. Vertical St. Andrews Crosses don't need such padding.


The following simplified graphic shows the two most common shape variants, with the arms either in a V-position or extended to the sides.

       \       /
        \  _  /               _
         \| |/               | |
          | |           =====| |=====
          | |                | |
          | |                | |
          |_|                |_|
         /   \              /   \
        /     \            /     \
       /       \          /       \

In South Korea, a similar wooden construction called gonjang (곤장) is used for judicial corporal punishment, but in the shape of a cross, where the delinquent's legs are together, not spread:

               | |
          =====| |=====
               | |
               | |
               | |
               | |
               | |


For spanking, the spankee is laid prostrate on the spreadeagle table. The spankee's pelvis can rest on one or two pillows, or folded or rolled-up towels or blankets for more comfort and to elevate the spankee's buttocks to a more erotic and spankable position.

For BDSM and sexual play, the bottom can lie either prostrate or on their back. In both cases, the subject should always be firmly secured so that they can not accidentally fall off.

A spreadeagle table can be built to optimize bondage in this specific position and is popular because the restrained person is particularly exposed and helpless.

Spanking videos[edit]

The spreadeagle table is also used as a prop in fetish spanking videos, usually in an institutional setting such as a prison, reform school or medical facility (hospital, clinic, etc.). For example, Raven Hill Studios has used a padded x-shaped table for the videos Reform House Punishments, Belt Spankings at Reform House 9, and Naked Violations. Pain4fem has also featured a spreadeagle table in its Judicial Caning series and other short videos.

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