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A boy is beaten with what appears to be a ruler.

A ruler is a device for measuring length. It is often 12 to 18 inches (30 to 46 cm) long, and traditionally made of wood (more recently it may be of metal or plastic). A long ruler is called a yardstick. A ruler is sterotypically used as a spanking implement in school settings, either on the palms, knuckles, thighs, or on the bottom. As such it serves as a short, narrow ferule or paddle. A blackboard ruler is a bigger type of ruler. Some types of blackboard rulers have a handle in the middle.

A punishment with a ruler is also called a rulering.

In the period piece film Little Women (1949) set in the 19th century, a misbehaving schoolgirl holds her hand out for a ruler smack. This scene can be watched on YouTube.


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