My brother Johan and me

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This is the story about my brother, Johan. He was just 18 years old when he became legal guardian of me, his by the time four-year-old sister. This is the story about how he raised me, the story of true brotherly and sisterly love.

  — Excerpt from the Prologue

My brother Johan and me is an ongoing spanking story series by Qlql. It is a story where Amanda tells about her childhood, growing up with her brother as legal guardian. The story features disciplinary spankings, mainly M/f. It currently consists of 62 chapters.


Spoiler warning

The novel, which is partly self-biograpic, follows Amanda's childhood from her own perspective. It's much a story about love and family, but also focus quite a lot on the spankings Amanda got during her childhood. Johan uses bare bottom spanking to punish Amanda for misbehaviour. The spankings are often described quite generally, but also naturally, since Amanda's memories usually limits how many details are described. The whole story is built upon the memories of Amanda, sometimes with support of Johan. The story is written to be a realistic depiction of Amanda's and Johan's life and their relationship, as well as telling the story of family. The family history of Johan's and Amanda's family is also in focus, with the story of why their mom's family emigrated and moved to America getting unveiled gradually.

Main Characters[edit]

  • Amanda
    Amanda is one of two main characters and the first-person narrative of the novel. When the novel starts, she is just four years old. Her father just died and her older brother Johan becomes her legal guardian. The story follows Amanda during her whole childhood.
  • Johan
    Johan is Amanda's older brother. He is just 18 years old when their father dies and leaves him alone with his young sister. He fights for the right to stay her legal guardian. He loves Amanda more than anything in the world and raises her in the way he believe is best.

Other important Characters[edit]

  • Aunt Liz
    Aunt Liz is Amanda's and Johan's mother's sister. Once or twice a year they go to visit her in her house. She becomes an important link to family and family history. She is the one who tells Amanda about her mother and about their childhood in a land far away.
  • Uncle Fred
    Uncle Fred is the brother of Amanda's and Johan's mother. He is married and have a daughter at Amanda's age, Emely. The families meet once in a while, mostly at Aunt Liz's house. Uncle Fred is quite strict and seems to be a frequent spanker.
  • Emely
    Emely is Amanda's and Johan's cousin, she is at the same age as Amanda. The two girls become good friends when they meet at Aunt Liz's. Emely, like Amanda, gets spanked for misbehaviour, although in their family they call it "smackings" instead of spankings (which initially confuses Amanda).

Other relatives[edit]

  • Olav
    Brother of Johan's and Amanda's grandmother. He emigrated long before his sister and is the reason they moved to the states. He is a person who lives his own life, but shows up unexpected one Christmas.
  • Carl
    Carl is brother to Mrs. Henderson. He travels the world playing with his band but shows up sometimes on family celebrations.
  • The Henderson's
    Mrs. Henderson is cousin to Aunt Liz and Uncle Fred, making her son Alex Johan's, Amanda's and Emely's second cousin. Alex is in his teens and Amanda and Emely adore him.
  • Emely's mother
    Aunt El is usually reffered to as just Emely's mom.
  • Grandfather
    Amanda's and Johan's paternal grandfather. They don't have any contact with him since him and his son where not talking.

More characters of importance[edit]

  • Michael
    One of Amanda's closest friends. His family doesn't use spankings at all.
  • Mrs. Anderson
    Amanda's teacher. She is very caring and always have time to listen.
  • The William's
    A family that Johan, Amanda and Emely meets on a camping trip, consisting of Mr. and Mrs. William's and their twins Sophie and Martin which are Amanda's and Emely's age. The children becomes good friends and they decide to keep contact.
  • Maria
    Becomes Johan's girlfriend, but their relationship is a bit unstable.
  • Joel
    Becomes a friend of Amanda and Michael. His mother is quite strict and Amanda finds out he is spanked.


The novel starts with a short prologue. Then the chapters that follows:

  1. A warning
  2. My first spanking (M/f)
  3. An evening (M/f)
  4. Super surprise saturday (M/f)
  5. My best friend Michael (M/f)
  6. About families(M/f)
  7. Aunt Liz (M/f)
  8. Family
  9. About relatives
  10. Don't want to leave (M/f)
  11. At the lake (M/f)
  12. A tired evening (M/f)
  13. Tears
  14. At the mall (M/f)
  15. Uncle Fred's birthday (MM/ff)
  16. An Auntumn
  17. A Christmas for three (M/f)
  18. Snow angels (M/f)
  19. Cousin for visit
  20. An Easter day together (M/ff)
  21. My sixth summer approaching
  22. Camping in the forest (M/f)
  23. Vacation in San Francisco
  24. A day with Emely and Uncle Fred (M/f heard)
  25. A smacking from Uncle Fred (M/ff)
  26. The country far away
  27. Starting school
  28. The bunk bed (M/f)
  29. Family
  30. The day before Christmas (MM/ff)
  31. The cousins Christmas (M/f)
  32. About friendship (M/f)
  33. A saturday with Michael (M/f)
  34. Small changes
  35. Maria's summer cottage
  36. To like someone (M/f)
  37. Family vacation
  38. A week with family (MM/ff, M/ff)
  39. My seventh autumn (M/f)
  40. Maria (M/f)
  41. The day before Christmas (M/f heard)
  42. A Norwegian Christmas
  43. Second Cousin Surpised (M/f heard)
  44. New Years Eve (M/f, MM/ff)
  45. Turning eight (M/f)
  46. New York
  47. A magic Easter evening (M/ff)
  48. Good day, bad evening (M/ff)
  49. Life isn't all fair
  50. Just me and Aunt Liz
  51. Consciense (F/f, light)
  52. A warm week at the house (M/ff)
  53. Cousin camping (M/f)
  54. Old and new friends
  55. Love and families
  56. A weekend with the Williams (M/f, F/mf heard)
  57. A lot of feelings
  58. A family Christmas
  59. Olav
  60. A winter week at the house (M/ff)
  61. Nine years old
  62. A week with skiing (M/ff)