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The horsed position is a spanking position in which three people are involved: the spanker, the spankee, and a third person that "horses" the spankee.

To enter the position, the third person typically crouches, facing away from the spanker. The spankee then approaches this person from behind, facing the same direction, and reaches his/her hands above the person's shoulders, so that the person can get hold of the spankee's wrists and pull the spankee tightly against the person's back.

The person can then stand up (bent forward for balance), and the spankee will be horsed on the person's back. The person can then either stand free during the spanking, or lean against the edge of a table or desk.

The spankee's legs will be normally off the floor (dangling) when the spankee is horsed as described. They can be kept together or spread apart to either side of the horsing person. ... (more...)

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