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The term over-one-knee position refers to spanking positions in which the spankee is bent or laid over one of the spanker' knees (or more correctly, thighs).

This is possible in the following positions:

  • The spanker stands and places one foot on the seat of a stool, chair, step, or other object that is high enough to bring the spanker's thigh to a horizontal position, over which the spankee can be laid. As all of the spankee's weight is borne by the spankee's hip/abdominal area, and rests on the spanker's thigh, this position is mostly used for spanking small and lightweight children.
  • The spanker gets down on one knee. This brings the spanker's other leg to a right angle, over which the spankee can be bent or laid. This position requires no item of furniture and can be entered starting from the underarm position.
  • The spanker sits like in the over-the-knee position. However the spankee is bent over only one of the spanker's thighs, not both. This allows the spanker to lock the spankee's legs between his/her legs. This method is mainly used to prevent kicking. As a side effect, it also causes a sharper bend of the spankee's body. (more...)

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The 5000th image.
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  • 18 March 2017: We reached the milestone of 5000 images.

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