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Jade growing up again is a multi-chapter spanking graphic novel written by, and commissioned by, RedDragon, and drawn by the Palcomix team. The work was started in 2008 and is still ongoing. It is based on Lurking Dragon's science fiction Rejuve Universe setting and recasts Jade Chan and Paco of Jackie Chan Adventures and Punky Brewster of Punky Brewster as pennies.

The first three chapters of Jade growing up again used the series title Jade Chan Adventures, as the first chapter was started as part 3 of a Palcomix series on Jade Chan that had begun with Jade Chan Adventures and Jade Chan Adventures: Caught Trespassing (but which have completely different story lines). This title was dropped in chapter four of Jade growing up again.

This story is based on being a prequel to Melody's Stories while the alien rejuve technology is still limited to a single isolationist human colony. It is set in the late 25th century... (more...)

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