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A long spanking is a spanking that goes for a long time — 10 minutes at least, often 20 to 40 minutes, in extreme cases more than an hour. "Long spanking" is the opposite to spanking concepts such as "six of the best" (often featured in vintage British caning videos) which are designed to be intense but short.

Long spankings typically begin with a slow warmup phase of light slaps, designed to gently warm up the spankee's buttocks. In this initial phase, the spankee might actually wish for a harder spanking that was over more quickly, but this is not granted: the spanker demonstrates they set the pace and have all the time in the world for the punishment. The warmup phase gradually progresses to the main phase which is real spanking, smarting but well within what the spankee can take. The spanker will often make short pauses, in which they might rub the spankee's bottom or do other things, and then continue the spanking. Following the crescendo principle, a long spanking session might finally come to its peak and end with a set of harder spanks for a good finish.

A long spanking might also begin on the clothed bottom, then after a while on the seat of the underwear, then after another while on the bare bottom. Or it might begin as a hand-spanking and then later on various implements are used, each giving a new type of sensation.

For obvious reasons, the number of spanks in a long spanking can not be counted, and since the spanks are so numerous and comparatively light their number is not very relevant anyway. (more...)

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