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Pencil portrait of Kailee by Jameslovebirch, computer enhanced version (2012).

Kailee (born 1985), full name Kailee Robinson, also known as Christine when working for Girls Boarding School, is an American spanking actress. She is originally from Minot, North Dakota.

Acting career[edit]

original version before adding collar, sepia tone, etc.

In 2005 Kailee began her career with RealSpankings.com in Colorado after responding to a newspaper ad for a fetish model. She started as a submissive spankee, as seen in Tears and A Submissive Mind, but eventually became a professional switch (especially at My Spanking Roommate).

A Submissive Mind is a special documentary style film in which the first part is a lengthy meditation on her inner self and the psychology of corporal punishment. She then plays herself, submitting to an unscripted dungeon punishment scenario, and is interviewed again at the end. This video won the 2006 AVN Award for Best Specialty Release (Spanking).

In Kailee & Lily: Blistered Sisters (produced by Dallas Spanks Hard), she is spanked by Dallas and also gives her real-life older sister Lily a severe over the knee spanking. (Lily has also appeared as a spankee for two sub-divisions of RealSpankings.com, RealSpanking Institute and RealStrappings).

At Shadow Lane she made her hardcore debut in Sex & Spanking with Kailee & Seth, appearing with her real life boyfriend. In addition to enduring several hard spankings, this feature includes scenes of intercourse and oral sex. In another Shadow Lane video, Ashley Pratt is a Brat, Kailee's final spanking is administered after a large butt plug has been inserted.

Kailee remains one of the more popular spanking actresses due to her striking looks and high tolerance for pain. She has gained a reputation for accepting, and even inviting, long and especially severe spankings (mainly via hairbrush and paddle) from many of the hardest hitting spankers in the industry.


Colored pencil & water color sketch by Jameslovebirch (2012).

Scene from Kailee Robinson - Paddled in Panties (RealSpankings.com).

Belting Videos[edit]

  • Loraine and Kailee

Bobbie's DropSeats[edit]

  • Changing Attitudes (DropSeat Productions)

Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment[edit]

Dallas Spanks Hard[edit]

  • Kailee & Lily: Blistered Sisters, as spanker and spankee
  • Kailee's Super Severe Session (excerpt from Blistered Sisters)

Firm Hand Spanking[edit]

  • Bare Bottom Caning (2008), photos
  • Kailee Robinson Collection (2008), photos

Girls Boarding School[edit]

  • My First Day (as "Christine")
  • Nude at Daylight
  • The Shoplifter (photos), stealing
  • Sober Again
  • Sunday Rules
  • Voluntary Spankings

My Spanking Roommate[edit]

  • Broken Vase (10 min.)
  • Chloe & Kailee's Halloween Spankoff (6 min.), as spanker and spankee
  • Chloe Spanks Kailee Hard With a Hairbrush (12 min.)
  • Chloe vs. Kailee vs. Snow (14 min.), as spanker and spankee
  • The Girls Can't Pay the Rent (33 min.), Belinda Clark, Clare Fonda
  • Homework Pain (14 min.)
  • Madison's Revenge (8 min.), as a spanker only
  • Madison Asks Sister for Money (27 min.), as spanker and spankee
  • Mr. Ford Spanks Kailee (12 min.)
  • Snow Spanks & Paddles Chloe and Kailee (12 min.)


  • Bailey is Given the Hair Brush for Brattiness (Spanking Bailey), Kailee spanks brat Bailey
  • Bailey is Paddled for Her Sassy Mouth (Spanking Bailey), backtalk
  • Bailey is Spanked for an Improper Uniform (Spanking Bailey), photos
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  • Bailey's OTK Punishment (Spanking Bailey), photos
  • Brandi Is Punished In Her Dorm Room
  • Brandi's School Punishment (photos)
  • Discipline Hand Spanking From Kailee (OTK-Spankings), Bailey
  • Hard Strapping for Misbehaving (RealStrappings), Brandi
  • Jessie's Punishment Profile (2005), Kailee spanks Jessie, photos
  • Kailee Administers Riley's Spanking
  • Kailee Dominates Sarah (2005)
  • Kailee Gets The Wooden Spoon (2005), photos
  • Kailee Gives a Spiteful Spanking (Spanking Bailey)
  • Kailee Interrupts Ms. Baker's Class (RealSpankings Institute)
  • Kailee Is Paddled By Ms. Baker For Snooping (OTK-Spankings)
  • Kailee Is Paddled for Misbehaving
  • Kailee Is Paddled In Ms. Burns' Office (RealSpankings Institute)
  • Kailee Is Paddled In Mr. Daniels' Office (RealSpankings Institute)
  • Kailee Is Paddled To Tears (2006)
  • Kailee Is Sent To Ms. Baker To Be Caned (RealSpankings Institute)
  • Kailee Is Spanked And Sent To Her Room (RealSpankings Institute)
  • Kailee & Jasmine Fight (BiSpanking), fighting
  • Kailee and Lily Spanked Together (photos)
  • Kailee and Riley Punished in the Dean's Office (RealSpankings Institute), photos
  • Kailee & Michelle: All Nude OTK
  • Kailee Misses Detention (RealSpankings Institute), detention, photos
  • Kailee Paddled At School (2004)
  • Kailee: Paddled Over Ms. Burns' Knee (OTK-Spankings)
  • Kailee and Sarah's Struggle (2004)
  • Kailee Skips Gym (RealSpankings Institute), gym class truancy tale.
  • Kailee Spanked for Bratty Attitude
  • Kailee: Spanked for Sassiness (OTK-Spankings), backtalk, photos
  • Kailee Spanked for Inappropriate Dress and Piercing (2006), dress code story
  • Kailee Spanks Brooke - photos
  • Kailee Spanks Cindy
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  • Kailee's Inappropriate Attire (RealSpankings Institute)
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  • Kailee's Revenge on Betty (RealSpankings Institute)
  • Kailee's Revenge on Riley (RealSpankings Institute)
  • Kailee's Sassy Mouth
  • Kate's Punishment Profile (2005), Kailee spanks Kate, photos
  • Kelly Is Strapped For Dress Code Violation
  • Kelly: Strapped For Ditching (RealStrappings)
  • Lily's Hard Belting (RealStrappings), photos
  • Lily's Hard OTK Spanking (OTK-Spankings), photos
  • Lily's Hard Strapping (RealStrappings), photos
  • Lily's School Room Strapping (RealStrappings)
  • Lily Spanked To Tears By Sister (OTK-Spankings), photos
  • Lori and Kailee Paddled in Class (RealSpankings Institute), photos
  • Macey Strapped For Dress Code Violation - dress code story
  • Michelle and Kailee Spanked for Disrespect
  • Mr. Daniels Spanks Kailee For Being Late (2008) - tardy tale
  • Ms. Burns Spanks Kailee and Lily
  • Naked Sarah is Paddled by Naked Kailee (2005)
  • Natalie is Spanked in Class (RealSpankings Institute), Natalie, photos
  • Natalie is Strapped By Kailee (RealStrappings)
  • Natalie is Strapped for Misbehaving (RealSpankings.com)
  • Natalie's Punishment Profile (OTK-Spankings), photos
  • Paddles for Tardiness (RealSpankings.com), tardy
  • Punishment Profiles: Kailee (2005), photos
  • Riley Strapped By Kailee (RealStrappings)
  • Sarah Caught Sneaking in Late (2005), curfew story
  • Sarah is Spanked for her Tardiness (RealSpankings Institute), tardy
  • Sarah: Spanked for Cheating (OTK-Spankings)
  • Severe Belt Punishment (2012)
  • Three Girl Spanking Contest (BiSpanking), photos
  • Three Naked Girls (OTK-Spankings)

Spanking Teen Brandi[edit]

This division of RealSpankings.com frequently casts Kailee in spanker roles.

  • Brandi: Bent Over and Spanked Hard
  • Brandi and Kailee Spanked - Brandi
  • Brandi and Kailee Paddled at School
  • Brandi and Kailee's Experience with Spanking
  • Brandi Gets The Hairbrush For Using Kailee's Phone
  • Brandi is Spanked For Snooping
  • Brandi Spanked While Kailee Watches
  • Brandi's Corporal Punishment Paddling
  • Brandi's Dorm Room Strapping
  • Brandi's Hand and Leather Paddle Spanking
  • Brandi's Nude Punishment - photos
  • Hard Strapping for Misbehaving
  • Kailee & Brandi Caught Skipping School
  • Kailee Straps Brandi

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