Jade Chan Adventures: Caught Trespassing

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Jade Chan Adventures: Caught Trespassing is a spanking comic by Palcomix starring Jade Chan.

It is not set in Rejuve Universe like the Jade growing up again series.


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In this 9-page comic, the adult Jade Chan arrives by motorbike at Viper's mansion. She was dismissed by Captain Black as a field agent. Now she makes up the plan to overcome Viper's security systems. She hopes this will impress Viper and convice her to teach her more skills, which would help her regain her job position.

As she attempts to climb the iron fence around the well-secured property, the high-tech security system detects Jade and overpowers her with a special knock-out gas that makes her wet herself as she passes out. As Jade regains consciousness, she finds herself inside the mansion. Viper is there and explains she was surprised to find the intruder to be her old friend. Jade is still dizzy and unable to move from the powerful muscle-relaxing effect of the drug, so Viper undresses her and cleans her up, giving her a bath just as if Jade was a baby. The caught trespasser is also given a pacifier and put in diapers (to avoid another "accident"). This being done, Jade explains to Viper her reason for trying to break into her home. Viper is disappointed at Jade's poor judgement and pulls Jade over her knees and her diaper down to give her an OTK bare bottom spanking (F/F). At the end, Jade is being put to bed for a nap, and Viper promises to help her afterwards.

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