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Level 2!

Jade Chan Adventures is a spanking comic by Palcomix. It stars Jade Chan, a character from the animated television series Jackie Chan Adventures. It has four spanking scenes, three machine/f and one M/f.

It is not set in Rejuve Universe like the Jade growing up again series.


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In this 17-page comic, Jade Chan tries to steal a magic talisman for her school's science fair. The talisman is in a safe room, closely guarded by a computerized defense system. On Jade's first attempt, she is detected ("INTRUDER ALERT!"), picked up by flexible tentacle-like robotic arms and spanked in mid-air on the seat of her pants before she is left to go, with the warning "DO NOT RETURN OR LEVEL 2 WILL BE INITIATED".

The next day, Jade makes another attempt at stealing the talisman. She tries to trick the computer by playing a voice recording of her cousin Jackie's voice. However the computer detects her false identity because of her height difference. Again she is picked up by the robotic arms. This time her pants are taken down and she is spanked on the seat of her panties. She is released with the warning "DO NOT RETURN OR WILL INITIATE LEVEL 3".

Persistent and still undeterred from her plan, Jade returns the next day. This time she enters from the ceiling via a rope. As she is discovered by the computer, she manages to reach the talisman before she is caught and tries to use it against the defense system, but discovers that it is not the real talisman but only a cookie, replaced as a decoy.

This being "LEVEL 3" punishment, while she is held helpless in mid-air, her pants are completely taken off and her panties follow, leaving her naked from the waist down. She is spanked on her bare bottom. Then, the robot arm inserts a rectal thermometer into her anus and pulls it out again. Next, she is given a mouth soaping, continued with some castor oil and followed by an enema. Finally she is cleaned, powdered, put in diapers like a baby and released.

At the epilogue of the story, she fails her science fair project and Uncle Chan spanks her OTK, bare bottom, with a bath brush, saying his catchphrase, "ONE MORE THING! ONE MORE THING! ONE MORE THING!".

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