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Ikki Tousen (一騎当千, also spelled Ikkitousen and Ikkitōsen and dubbed as Battle Vixens in US/English dubs) is a late night anime (or Shin'ya anime) that aired in Japan during the early mornings in 2003. Based on a popular doujinshi comic, the series started with a 12 part OVA and was later followed through with a three official TV series under the company Geneon Entertainment Limited.


The series Ikki Tousen focuses around the primary character of Sonsaku Hakufu (孫策 伯符), a busty 17yo girl who is in the series stated to have inherited the will, skills and soul of the great martial arts fighter Sensei Choushou. The series is set in a fictional interpretation of the state of Kagato in Japan. In this fictional interpretation of the society, seven major colleges with a strong focus on martial arts have developed a form of clan warfare where students of each school pit themselves against each other in To-the-death battles that have turned the city streets into a gang related blood bath.

For the high level of violence implied upon the plot however the large cast of predominately male characters don't have names and are treeted as minor antagonists. The Primary characters are a set of Five girl fighters who have each inherited a legacy, referred to as a Dragon Spirit. They also have the common trait that their underwear is visible in almost every scene, their clothing is frequentlty being torn up and barely covers enough flesh for decency, and most of them are either sadists or masochists.

Spanking is used heavily in this series with the Sonsaka getting an on screen spanking every few episodes, usually at the hands of her mother - Goei - but also at the hands of her best friend kouke and on several occasions by the people she is fighting. This however takes a secondary role to the sheer amount of fan service that takes place in the form of panty shots from herself and the other four female cast members. The other primary characters get spanked too, including a handful of F/M spankings in the later half of the official anime but most of the spankings are delivered to the main protagonist, either on or off-screen.

It is important to note that in the TV licensed anime a large portion of the fanservice and spankings were cut out but are still available on the DVD and are frequent during the original doujin.


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Sonsaka Hakufu (孫策 伯符)[edit]

The protagonist of the series. She is busty, blonde haired (light red in the anime), green-eyed, not terribly bright but immeasurably powerful despite only being a D-ranked toushi. Hakufu cares little for the politics involved between the toushi, only caring about fighting for the sake of fighting, but is staunchly against unnecessary violence and killing. Lately, however, with trouble brewing all around her, she is beginning to take up the mantle of a leader to protect her friends and family. Hakufu inherited the will, spirit and abilities of Master Choushou's and, while currently unaware of this, is able to use it partially by instinct. The spirit or Chi of the past master appears on her body as a skull-like mark and is slowly creeping up to her heart. Additionally Hakufu harbors a powerful dragon spirit as one of the Three Great Rulers (founders of the Three Kingdoms, with Sousou and Ryuubi).

Hakufu is very girlish and happy-go-lucky, nieve of many things but capable bouts of wisdom. She has very bad luck however, For instance, in one scene where she is just about to deliver a finishing blow to Kannei, her panties get caught on a branch, tripping her over. Dispite being the re-incarnation of a great leader her 'leader-like' qualities are often messed up by simple air-headedness.

Shoukyou (小喬)[edit]

Introduced as the younger sister of Hakufu (which she is not) in the Great Guardians season going under the name Sonken Chuubou (Sun Quan) , but then tells them that her name is in fact Shoukyou. She is Shuuyu Koukin's destined wife. Hakufu was previously unaware of her existence. She appears to be very knowledgeable, as she quotes legendary military strategist Sun Tzu, and is a great contrast to Hakufu who has trouble reading. It is implied that she might have feelings for "Koukin Onii-sama." Unlike her sister, Hakufu, Shoukyou is very polite, shy, and is very skilled at cooking. She joins Hakufu's fight with the real Saji, whom she bravely speaks to and helps get over her problems and traumas.

Ryomou Shimei (呂蒙 子明)[edit]

An odd girl with short blue hair and green eyes, a distinctive mole on her left cheek and a very strange history, mainly tied to her mysterious left-eye patch. Powerful and a B-rank, she is one of the Four Devas of Nanyo. She has a habit of wearing a blue miniskirted French maid outfit and specialises in submission wrestling moves, throws, and joint attacks, which she uses in conjunction with a pair of handcuffs she carries. Her earlier life before she became a Toushi is unknown but is hinted as being tragic and painful. She, Teifu, and Saji have been best friends long before the start of the series. Presumably because of her dragon she has a minor split personality; one is fairly shy and normal and the other is psychosexual. Her psycho side is not nearly as bad as Ryubi, Sousou and Hakufu. No other characters seem to be in harmony with their dragons as much as Ryomou, but she still seals it with her eye-patch and is believed to be dying because of it. Very few are aware of this, and it is not stated whether she shares Ryubi's dragon or now has her own. While she has it, she is as powerful as the other Three Rulers.

Shuuyu Koukin (周瑜 公瑾)[edit]

Hakufu's rich cousin and an attractive pretty boy; both Kanu and Ukitsu have expressed exclusive interest in him. Although only a C-rank, his lack of confidence and his short resume of victories (or battles for that matter) keep him from becoming A-ranked despite already having the power of one. He has a crush on his cousin Hakufu (the main protagonist) and is generally shy and well-meaning, making life very difficult for him. Oddly, Hakufu doesn't seem to mind being naked around him, showing how much she trusts him and occassionally being spanked by him in the later series.

Ouin Shishi (王允 子师)[edit]

A mysterious man with blond hair and a light tan, his real identity is Ouin Shishi. One of Ryomou's oldest friends he has feelings for both her and Ryofu. However, he is a complete womanizer. His goals are uncertain as are his rank and power but he is easily an A-rank. One of his goals was to remove Toutaku from power. He is one of the Four Devas of Nanyo. At the moment Ouin has donned the magatama of Ouin Shishi in an attempt to further Hakufu's mastery of the Water Dragon Fist. The magatama has given Saji great power and slightly alters his appearance. He intentionally awakens Hakufu's dragon and using his experience with Ryubi's dragon from those years ago, absorbs the dragon's negative energy which calms Hakufu down, but losing one of his arms in the process. Knowing that he didn't have long to live after this act, he tells Hakufu not to be sad, declaring that he is not Saji but Ouin and he had lived a lot longer then he should have. He commits suicide by jumping off a nearby cliff in a manner eeriely similar to how Toutaku died and even though she was far away, Ryomou knew that Ouin was not coming back.

Rikuson Hakugen (陸遜 伯言)[edit]

A cute bespectacled junior of the other characters, she has recently joined the Nanyo gang with the intention of helping them beat Sousou. She is skilled in making poisons. According to Lu Xun's history (both in the manga and from other sources), Lu Xun is sometimes credited with the defeat of Guan Yu, not Lu Meng. History states that Rikuson was Ryomou's protege and eventual successor. Rikuson refers to Ryomou as her big sister in the English translation, although it is not confirmed if they are related. She's currently trying to help the Nanyo/Seito alliance during the Sekiheki battle, but also is slightly panicked due to the forces being separated and not in communication.


The manga was released in English by TOKYOPOP under the title Battle Vixens. The official German title is Dragon Girls while in France and Spain it is called Ikkitousen. It contained 15 chapters each containing 52 pages.
(Anime) Ikkitōsen Battle Vixens 
The first anime TV series ran on AT-X in 2003, and its license is held by Enoki Films. The whole series was previously licensed by Geneon Entertainment (USA) Inc. (now licensed by FUNimation and Media Blasters) for the North American market, and was available on four separate DVDs. Like many other Geneon series, the anime is distributed in the UK by MVM Films. Unlike Geneon, MVM seem to have some ties with TOKYOPOP, as their releases use both "Ikkitōsen" and "Battle Vixens" as titles, using the title graphic from TOKYOPOP's manga for the latter of these. The DVD covers are reversible, for those who prefer the original title, and a limited edition of the first DVD came in a box set with the first volume of the manga.
(Anime) Ikkitōsen Dragon Destiny 
A second season began airing in February 2007. An accompanying radio series named "Ikkitōsen Dragon Destiny Radio" was hosted on Media Factory. A DVD for chapter 0 was released on Comic Market 71 for 1000 yen, featuring an unedited Dragon Destiny promotional video, voice actor interviews, and DVD for Ikkitōsen Dragon Destiny Radio, recently Ikkitōsen: Destiny was licensed by Media Blasters.
(Anime) Ikkitōsen Great Guardians 
A third season began airing in the summer of 2008, involving a brand-new storyline and added characters.[1] One of the new characters introduced is Sonken Chuubou, based on Sun Quan.
(Anime) Ikkitōsen Xtreme Xecutor 
A fourth season began airing in March 2010. A volume 0 DVD was sold at Comiket 77 at the end of December 2009, and was available for regular sale in January 2010 (Notably on January 22, 2010).[2] This new season will feature most existing characters from previous seasons and a new character will make its appearance. The animation will be done by TNK in collaboration with ARMS.

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