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Top view of a black ebony hairbrush.
Reverse view of the same.


Externally hosted image on Handprints: Drawings Gallery #172
F/f drawing by Zani.

A hairbrush (also spelled hair brush) is not only good for brushing the hair, but also popular as a spanking implement.

The bottom is spanked with the flat or slightly rounded back of the hairbrush, which should be even and smooth. Traditionally, wooden hairbrushes are used for spanking; however these days often a plastic one will have to do (though these are far less 'effective'). The hairbrush is similar to the following implements: bath brush, clothes brush, wooden paddle, and wooden spoon.

The implement is stereotypically used in domestic spanking contexts such as mother/son or mother/daughter, in cases where a harder punishment than a hand-spanking is intended.

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