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Vintage domme in typical fetish clothing. Photo by Biederer Studio (c. 1930s).

A domme (pseudo-Italian-French female variation of dom) is a female dominant, e.g. a woman who takes the dominant role in a household and/or BDSM sexual practices. Note that a domme does not necessarily dominate a male partner; a domme may well have a female submissive.

Domme may be translated as Mistress in English. The plural of domme is dommes. A professional domme is known as a pro-domme or dominatrix.

In consensual spanking, a spankee may be sexually aroused by the idea of a spanking by a domme. In a scene where a man is spanked by his domme, he may be aroused by the role reversal from the traditional or stereotypic M/F spanking. A male or female may be spanked by a domme in various ways, most of which require him/her to present the bare buttocks and assume submissive spanking positions.

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