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A delinquent (from Latin delinquere, to fail in duty) is a person who has violated some rule, law or requirement and is therefore sentenced to be punished.

The term delinquent can be used in general to mean "person to be punished" (i.e. the "punishee") in a formal sense. It is less accusive than "criminal" and often used for minor crimes, e.g. a "juvenile delinquent".

If the punishment is to be a spanking, the delinquent will be the spankee.

A delinquent who accepts his or her punishment readily (due to feelings of remorse) is called a penitent.

Truancy or "playing hookey" (skipping school) is a common form of juvenile delinquency that has traditionally led to a spanking punishment (at home, but sometimes at school). This has been portrayed in many novels and films in the past and continues in present-day fetish videos that use a domestic setting.


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