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Cheating using a cheat sheet.

Cheating is the act of circumventing the rules and conditions of an examination to artificially enhance the results. A person caught cheating is called a cheat in British English, and a cheater in American English.

Cheating can cover proving a false front on an inspection to hide rushed work, copying the work of others, or using tools and reference materials not meant to available. In and of itself, cheating is considered a dishonest misbehaviour that can be engaged in solely for inflation of image, but often instead be engaged in for hiding other offenses such as bad grades or slovenliness.

Cheating and spanking[edit]

Schools generally consider cheating a serious offense that strikes at the heart of the student's purpose at the school. In schools that employ school corporal punishment, cheating is most likely a spankable offense. For a list of schoolgirl spanking videos about the punishment of cheaters, see Examination#Spanking videos.

Selected videos:

  • Familial Conflict (Punished Brats), professor spanks mid-term cheater.
  • Harley Punished for Cheating (Delco Video Productions), Harley Havik
  • Kailee Spanks Brandi for Accusing Her of Cheating (Spanking Teen Brandi), Kailee

Cheating in marriage[edit]

"Cheating" can also refer to adultery.

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