Buddy's Adventures

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Buddy's Adventures is an American Looney Tunes animated cartoon directed by Ben Hardaway, featuring the characters Buddy and his flapper girlfriend Cookie. The 7-minute-film was released on 17 November 1934.


Buddy and Cookie travel in a hot air balloon. They get into a thunderstorm and end up in Sourtown, Lemonia, a place where laughing, singing, dancing, and jazz music is strictly forbidden by law. The citizens in this strange place keep themselves in a sour mood by drinking lemon juice and vinegar in great amounts.

The spanking machine[edit]

The king of Sourtown declares Buddy and Cookie guilty of having fun. He sentences them to be punished on a spanking machine. The machine is semi-automatic: a turned crank sets a mechanic hand in spanking motion, and has the words "YE OLDE SPANKING MACHINE" written on it (visible at 05:08).

The two youngsters escape their imminent punishment by plaxing music on the harmonica, making everyone sway with the tune. Even the monarch joins in. As the king laughs and dances, he accidentally falls into the spanking machine. The machine immediately restrains him around his torso and one of his men begins to turn the crank. The king is thus spanked while he continues laughing (machine/M).

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