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Barbara O'Toole is a (probably professional) artist who did monochrome and color drawings of highly realistic quality. Her works include child spanking art, adult spanking art (all gender combinations), and femdom drawings.

The latter, mainly featured on her pay site BitterSweet Pictures, showed adult men getting treated by dominant women as if they were little boys in need of maternal care, discipline and punishment (ageplay). BitterSweet Pictures also featured a lot of artwork from the petticoat punishment genre (forced cross-dressing and humiliation, see also sissy).

Barbara O'Toole has done over 200 pictures[1] in various styles. Her artwork is signed with a logo that looks like the "Intel inside" logo with the words "Intel inside" replaced by "Barb".

In 2013, someone who calls himself Christopher Payne, in a blog posting, claimed to be Barbara O'Toole's "long-time companion" and said "together, we were partners in producing the BitterSweet and Barb's RX websites."[2]

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